1. imposter

noun. ['ˌɪmˈpɔstɝ'] a person who makes deceitful pretenses.


  • trickster
  • cheat
  • ringer
  • fake
  • deceiver
  • pseudo
  • faker
  • name dropper
  • sham
  • beguiler
  • role player
  • cheater
  • fraud
  • shammer
  • pseud
  • pretender
  • slicker


  • undercharge
  • genuine
  • natural

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Sentences with imposter

1. Noun, singular or mass
For the civilian, it might be difficult to spot an imposter in a military uniform, but there are things you can look for and even databases you can use to verify someone's military service.

2. Adjective
If you’ve ever struggled with imposter syndrome — the fear that you’re not as good at your work or relationships as everyone seems to think you are — you know this intimately.