1. implicit

adjective. ['ˌɪmˈplɪsət'] implied though not directly expressed; inherent in the nature of something.


  • underlying
  • unsaid
  • unuttered
  • explicitness
  • unverbalized
  • silent
  • unvoiced
  • inexplicit
  • tacit
  • covert
  • understood
  • implicit in
  • unexpressed
  • inherent
  • unspoken
  • unverbalised
  • connotative


  • denotative
  • overt
  • explicit
  • unclearness

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Rhymes with Implicit

  • explicite
  • explicit
  • complicit
  • illicit
  • missett

How do you pronounce implicit?

Pronounce implicit as ˌɪmˈplɪsət.

US - How to pronounce implicit in American English

UK - How to pronounce implicit in British English

Sentences with implicit

1. Noun, singular or mass
Economists count the implicit and explicit costs together when determining the value of a thing.

2. Adjective
The value of the something else that was not purchased is the implicit cost of resources.

Quotes about implicit

1. Past humanity is not only implicit in each new man born but is contained in him. Humanity is an ever-widening spiral and life is the beam that plays briefly on each succeeding ring. All humanity from its beginning to its end is already present but the beam has not yet played beyond you.
- Flann O'Brien, The Third Policeman

2. The delight we take in our senses is an implicit desire to know the ultimate reason for things, the highest cause. The desire for wisdom that philosophy etymologically is is a desire for the highest or divine causes. Philosophy culminates in theology. All other knowledge contains the seeds of contemplation of the divine.
- Josef Pieper, Happiness and Contemplation

2. implicit

adjective. ['ˌɪmˈplɪsət'] being without doubt or reserve.


  • absolute


  • incidental
  • superjacent