1. implanted

adjective. ['ˌɪmˈplæntɪd'] (used especially of ideas or principles) deeply rooted; firmly fixed or held.


  • deep-rooted
  • established
  • planted
  • constituted
  • ingrained


  • unsettled
  • native
  • unorthodox
  • unproved

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Rhymes with Implanted

  • transplanted
  • disenchanted
  • replanted
  • recanted
  • enchanted
  • slanted
  • granted
  • ranted
  • panted
  • chanted

Sentences with implanted

1. Adjective
Your dog can also be permanently identified with a microchip implanted beneath her skin.

2. Verb, past participle
The lens is then broken apart with sound waves, removed, and an artificial lens implanted.

Quotes about implanted

1. Two lost things that had survived the seas and arrived on a coastline. What did they do? They implanted themselves in the sand and grew into trees and lined the beaches. Sometimes a lot can come of being all washed up. You can really grow.
- Cecelia Ahern, The Book of Tomorrow