1. immodest

adjective. offending against sexual mores in conduct or appearance.


  • indecent
  • modesty


  • immodesty
  • modest
  • courteous

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2. immodest

adjective. having or showing an exaggerated opinion of your importance, ability, etc.


  • domineering
  • important
  • uppity
  • overweening
  • proud


  • submissive
  • respectful
  • modest
  • reverent

Sentences with immodest

1. Adjective, superlative
What may be modest clothing in your home country may be considered immodest in India, so if you want to make a positive impact, it is important to adjust your dress to the culture.

2. Adjective
Simple fashion altering techniques can allow you to take a seemingly immodest outfit and convert it to one that can easily earn you accolades on your fashion sense, without a compromise on your modesty.

3. Adverb
Most people do not wear swimming suits, as that can seem immodest.

4. Noun, singular or mass
The goal is to look attractive and professional, without appearing immodest.