1. arthritis

noun. ['ɑːrˈθraɪtəs, ɑːrˈθraɪtɪs'] inflammation of a joint or joints.


  • rheumatism
  • inflammatory disease
  • degenerative joint disease
  • urarthritis
  • gout
  • spondylarthritis
  • atrophic arthritis
  • degenerative arthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • gouty arthritis

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Rhymes with Gouty Arthritis

  • arvanitis
  • phlebitis
  • petraitis
  • moraitis
  • mazaitis
  • whitis

Sentences with gouty-arthritis

1. Noun Phrase
One of the worst and most common symptoms of gouty arthritis is sudden intense pain.

2. Noun Phrase
If you have gouty arthritis, rather than osteoarthritis, you could end up triggering a gout attack.

3. Noun Phrase
According to the eOrthopod website, patients often find the pain unbearable during a gouty arthritis attack.

4. Noun Phrase
Gout, also called gouty arthritis, is a painful type of arthritis that usually affects a single joint.

2. gouty

adjective. ['ˈgaʊti'] suffering from gout.


  • sick


  • healthy
  • fit