1. fringe

noun. ['ˈfrɪndʒ'] the outside boundary or surface of something.


  • bound
  • edge
  • boundary
  • periphery


  • free
  • uncertain
  • unoriented
  • untreated

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Rhymes with Fringe

  • unhinge
  • impinge
  • twinge
  • syringe
  • klinge
  • cringe
  • winge
  • vinje
  • tinge
  • singe
  • minge
  • hinge
  • binge

Sentences with fringe

1. Noun, singular or mass
Glue the paper on the donkey from the bottom to the top, overlapping the fringe.

2. Adjective
In addition, most fringe benefits are subject to FICA taxes.

Quotes about fringe

1. In my rush, I hadn’t tied my shoelaces. Noah was now tying them for me. He looked up at me through his dark fringe of lashes and smiled. The expression on his face melted me completely. I knew I had the goofiest grin plastered on my lips, and didn’t care. “There,” he said as he finished tying the laces on my left shoe. “Now you won’t fall.”Too late.
- Michelle Hodkin, The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

2. The stronger a culture, the less it fears the radical fringe. The more paranoid and precarious a culture, the less tolerance it offers.
- Joel Salatin, Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal: War Stories from the Local Food Front

2. fringe-toed_lizard

noun. with long pointed scales around toes; of deserts of United States and Mexico.


  • Uma
  • genus Uma
  • Uma notata
  • iguanid lizard

3. fringe

noun. ['ˈfrɪndʒ'] a part of the city far removed from the center.


  • suburb
  • suburbia
  • outskirt
  • city district


  • maleficence
  • awkwardness
  • natural object
  • worsen

4. fringe

noun. ['ˈfrɪndʒ'] one of the light or dark bands produced by the interference and diffraction of light.


  • interference fringe


  • understate
  • stand still

5. fringe

noun. ['ˈfrɪndʒ'] a social group holding marginal or extreme views.


  • impropriety

6. fringe

verb. ['ˈfrɪndʒ'] decorate with or as if with a surrounding fringe.


  • surround
  • environ
  • skirt
  • border


  • unsworn
  • recede
  • dull
  • open chain

7. fringe

noun. ['ˈfrɪndʒ'] an ornamental border consisting of short lengths of hanging threads or tassels.


  • stay in place

8. fringe

noun. ['ˈfrɪndʒ'] a border of hair that is cut short and hangs across the forehead.


  • hair style
  • hairdo
  • bang
  • coiffure
  • coif


  • uncover
  • disarrange
  • dishonor
  • improperness

9. fringe

verb. ['ˈfrɪndʒ'] adorn with a fringe.


  • grace
  • ornament
  • embellish
  • adorn
  • beautify


  • silence
  • defend
  • confront
  • alignment