1. freshwater

noun. ['ˈfrɛˌʃwɔtɝ'] water that is not salty.


  • H2O
  • rain
  • condensate
  • fresh water
  • water


  • soft water
  • fresh water
  • hard water
  • territorial waters

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Words that Rhyme with Freshwater Mussel

  • trussell
  • brussel
  • tussle
  • rustle
  • russell
  • russel
  • nussle
  • mussell
  • muscle
  • hustle
  • fussell
  • bustle
  • bussell

Example sentences of the word freshwater-mussel

1. Noun Phrase
The zebra mussel is a freshwater mussel species and is found in the lakes and rivers of America.

2. Noun Phrase
This is also where mussel anatomy differs between marine and freshwater mussels.

3. Noun Phrase
This type of environment provides the organic particles and microorganisms that freshwater mussels need to survive.

4. Noun Phrase
Shiny pigtoes reproduce similarly to other freshwater mussels.

2. mussel

noun. ['ˈmʌsəl'] black marine bivalves usually steamed in wine.


  • shellfish
  • edible mussel


  • musculus (Latin)

3. mussel

noun. ['ˈmʌsəl'] marine or freshwater bivalve mollusk that lives attached to rocks etc..


  • freshwater mussel
  • pelecypod
  • mytilid
  • freshwater clam
  • lamellibranch
  • marine mussel


  • musculus (Latin)