Synonyms and Antonyms for fixed

1. fixed (adj.)

(of a number) having a fixed and unchanging value

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2. fixed-cycle operation (n.)

an operation that is completed in a specified number of regularly timed execution cycles

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3. fixed-point notation (n.)

a radix numeration system in which the location of the decimal point is fixed by convention


4. fixed-point number (n.)

a number represented in fixed-point notation

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5. fixed-point part (n.)

the positive fractional part of the representation of a logarithm; in the expression log 643 = 2.808 the mantissa is .808

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6. well-fixed (adj.)

in fortunate circumstances financially; moderately rich

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7. fixed-combination drug (n.)

drug containing fixed amounts of two or more ingredients

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8. fixed (adj.)

fixed and unmoving

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9. fixed (adj.)

incapable of being changed or moved or undone; e.g. "frozen prices"

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10. fixed (adj.)

securely placed or fastened or set

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