1. fib

verb. tell a relatively insignificant lie.


  • truthfulness

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2. fib

noun. a trivial lie.


  • fairy tale
  • tarradiddle
  • tale
  • taradiddle
  • lie
  • cock-and-bull story
  • fairy story
  • song and dance
  • prevarication
  • story


  • back
  • truth
  • stand
  • sit

Sentences with fib

1. Noun, singular or mass
A white lie is a small lie or fib that you tell when you want to avoid the truth --for example, such as when the truth could get you into trouble with your parents.

2. Verb, base form
Most schools will ask you to disclose prior convictions, so don’t try to fib your way out of it.

3. Adjective
The ultimate false promise of a social dating liar, making vague plans to meet up some time long into the future is a fib many people indulge in regularly.