1. famished

adjective. ['ˈfæmɪʃt'] extremely hungry.


  • ravenous
  • starved
  • hungry
  • sharp-set


  • abstemious
  • undesirous
  • nourished
  • wishful

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Sentences with famished

1. Adjective
If a panda is really famished, he can even eat upwards of 84 pounds of bamboo in just 24 hours, indicates the San Diego Zoo.

2. Verb, past participle
A dining room like this is the place where you shake out the sand, famished from a day in the sun, ready to eat.

3. Noun, plural
If you take in 200 calories of mostly carbs before a 20-mile long run, then feel famished and exhausted toward the end, try eating more next time, Holland says.