1. excessive

adjective. ['ɪkˈsɛsɪv'] beyond normal limits.


  • inordinate
  • unreasonable
  • immoderate


  • reasonable
  • rational
  • logical
  • immoderation

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Rhymes with Excessive

  • unimpressive
  • progressive
  • expressive
  • successive
  • repressive
  • regressive
  • impressive
  • depressive
  • recessive
  • possessive
  • oppressive
  • obsessive
  • aggressive

How do you pronounce excessive?

Pronounce excessive as ɪkˈsɛsɪv.

US - How to pronounce excessive in American English

UK - How to pronounce excessive in British English

How do you spell excessive? Is it eccessive ?

A common misspelling of excessive is eccessive

Sentences with excessive

1. Adjective
Excessive use may wear down the material, and excessive heat can cause leather sweatbands to shrink.

Quotes about excessive

1. Anger exceeding limits causes fear and excessive kindness eliminates respect.
- Euripides

2. People will always prefer black-and-white over shades of grey, and so there will always be the temptation to hold overly-simplified beliefs and to hold them with excessive confidence
- Thomas Gilovich, How We Know What Isn't So: The Fallibility of Human Reason in Everyday Life

3. Such Excessive Preoccupation With The Faults Of Others Only Manages To Bring The Spotlight To Shine Bright On Whatever It Is You May Have Hiding Behind All Your Self Perceived Glory.
- Marcie Leeper

2. excessive

adjective. ['ɪkˈsɛsɪv'] unrestrained, especially with regard to feelings.


  • overweening
  • extravagant
  • exuberant


  • mild
  • temperate
  • reserved
  • controlled