1. equity

noun. ['ˈɛkwəti'] the difference between the market value of a property and the claims held against it.


  • immoderate

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Example sentences of the word equity

1. Noun, singular or mass
The effects of debt on the cost of equity do not mean that it should be avoided.

Quotes containing the word equity

1. If achieving the Hong Kong dream becomes a vanishing hope, then our society will suffer. What would the Hong Kong dream be? It's no different from the American dream, whereby an everyday man on the street who works hard would be able to make good savings and use those savings as equity for their future small business.
- Richard Li

2. We follow the ways of wolves, the habits of tigers: or, rather we are worse than they. To them nature has assigned that they should be thus fed, while God has honoured us with rational speech and a sense of equity. And yet we are become worse than the wild beast.
- John Chrysostom

2. equity

noun. ['ˈɛkwəti'] conformity with rules or standards.


  • justness
  • just
  • fairness
  • non-discrimination
  • unjust
  • unfair
  • sportsmanship
  • justice


  • injustice
  • inequity
  • unfairness
  • unfair

3. equity

noun. ['ˈɛkwəti'] the ownership interest of shareholders in a corporation.


  • stake
  • interest


  • unreasonable
  • ugly
  • brunet