1. entertainment

noun. ['ˌɛntɝˈteɪnmənt, ˌɛnɝˈteɪnmənt'] an activity that is diverting and that holds the attention.


  • distraction
  • beguilement
  • extravaganza
  • edutainment
  • recreation
  • night life
  • amusement
  • nightlife
  • diversion
  • show


  • unattractiveness
  • inactivity
  • hide
  • negate

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Rhymes with Entertainment

  • infotainment
  • containment
  • attainment
  • arraignment

How do you pronounce entertainment?

Pronounce entertainment as ˌɛnərˈteɪnmənt.

US - How to pronounce entertainment in American English

UK - How to pronounce entertainment in British English

How do you spell entertainment? Is it entertainement ?

A common misspelling of entertainment is entertainement

Sentences with entertainment

1. Noun, singular or mass
September will be packed full of new entertainment on Netflix.

Quotes about entertainment

1. Not necessity, not desire - no, the love of power is the demon of men. Let them have everything - health, food, a place to live, entertainment - they are and remain unhappy and low-spirited: for the demon waits and waits and will be satisfied.
- Friedrich Nietzsche

2. It's great to be able to connect parents with children both emotionally and through humor. I look forward to exploring family entertainment once again and examining the specifics of our day-to-day lives against the backdrop of an extraordinary adventure.
- Jon Favreau

3. I feel like skateboarding is as much of a sport as a lifestyle, and an art form, so there's so much that that transcends in terms of music, fashion, and entertainment.
- Tony Hawk