1. druthers

noun. ['ˈdrʌðɝz'] the right or chance to choose.


  • option
  • wish
  • alternative
  • preference


  • tasteless
  • put option
  • call option
  • begrudge

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Rhymes with Druthers

  • struthers
  • strothers
  • smothers
  • crothers
  • caruthers
  • carruthers
  • brothers'
  • brothers
  • brother's
  • another's
  • suthers
  • southers
  • mothers
  • mother's
  • others'
  • others
  • other's

Sentences with druthers

1. Noun, plural
Given their druthers, goats will consume browse and forbs before the grasses.

Quotes about druthers

1. Tonight is For the Dying I've seen it grow dark ten-thousand times, yet never once mourned the loss of light, until tonight. Tonight I'm dying, dying, dying; before morn I may be ash in an urn, I know the light will return, maybe keeping ablaze its promise to others. Maybe not.If I had my druthers, the others would bedying, dying, dying, too,tonight.
- Beryl Dov