1. dissection

noun. ['daɪˈsɛkʃən, ˈdaɪsɛkʃən'] cutting so as to separate into pieces.


  • cutting


  • inflate
  • deflate

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Rhymes with Dissection

  • abbreviation
  • abdication
  • abduction
  • abduction
  • aberration
  • abolition
  • abomination
  • abortion
  • abrogation
  • absolution
  • absorption
  • absorption
  • abstraction
  • acceleration
  • accession
  • acclamation
  • acclimation
  • accommodation
  • accreditation
  • accretion

Sentences with dissection

1. Noun, singular or mass
Distinguishing among bud types at this stage is possible only by dissection.

Quotes about dissection

1. The point is that no matter what you choose to do with your body when you die, it won't, ultimately, be very appealing. If you are inclined to donate yourself to science, you should not let images of dissection or dismemberment put you off. They are no more or less gruesome, in my opinion, than ordinary decay or the sewing shut of your jaws via your nostrils for a funeral viewing.
- Mary Roach, Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers

2. dissection

noun. ['daɪˈsɛkʃən, ˈdaɪsɛkʃən'] a minute and critical analysis.


  • analysis


  • expand
  • uncut

3. dissection

noun. ['daɪˈsɛkʃən, ˈdaɪsɛkʃən'] detailed critical analysis or examination one part at a time (as of a literary work).


  • lengthen