Rhymes with Destructive

  • superconductive
  • reconstructive
  • photoconductive
  • nonproductive
  • unproductive
  • reproductive
  • constructive
  • obstructive
  • instructive
  • conductive
  • seductive
  • productive

How do you pronounce destructive?

Pronounce destructive as dɪˈstrəktɪv.

US - How to pronounce destructive in American English

UK - How to pronounce destructive in British English

How do you spell destructive? Is it distructive ?

A common misspelling of destructive is distructive

Sentences with destructive

1. Adjective
It is important to establish the cause of the destructive behavior in order to treat it properly.

2. self-destructive

adjective. dangerous to yourself or your interests.



  • destructive (English)
  • destructivus (Latin)
  • self- (English)

3. destructive-metabolic

adjective. of or relating to catabolism.