1. demulcent

adjective. having a softening or soothing effect especially to the skin.


  • soft
  • emollient
  • salving


  • softness
  • loud
  • noisy
  • tough

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2. demulcent

noun. a medication (in the form of an oil or salve etc.) that soothes inflamed or injured skin.


  • medication
  • medicament
  • medicine


  • inclement
  • difficult
  • fit
  • heavy

Sentences with demulcent

1. Noun, singular or mass
The seeds of the pink lotus are demulcent, which means they are able to soften and relieve irritation of the skin and mucus membranes.

2. Adjective
According to Balch’s "Prescription for Dietary Wellness," kelp is demulcent.

3. Verb, base form
It can be nice to add moistening – or demulcent – herbal teas to a sinus wash like marshmallow or slippery elm to soothe inflamed, irritated tissues.