1. crossbred

adjective. bred from parents of different varieties or species.


  • underbred
  • ancestry
  • half-bred
  • outbred
  • bigeneric
  • half-blooded
  • derivation
  • half-breed
  • intercrossed
  • lineage
  • filiation


  • purebred
  • refined
  • endogamous
  • native

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Sentences with crossbred

1. Verb, past participle
When these two plants are crossbred, the result is all heterozygous for yellow as the seed color and round as the seed shape or (YrRr).

2. Adjective
Many unique combinations of crossbred fruit are possible, and many result in a fruit that has all the properties desired (such as new taste) with none of the undesired attributes (such as poor texture).

3. Verb, past tense
Mendel crossbred different varieties of pea plants in his garden and examined them for a specific set of characteristics, or traits, such as plant height, flower color and seed color.