1. conspiracy

noun. ['kənˈspɪrəsi'] a secret agreement between two or more people to perform an unlawful act.


  • understanding
  • confederacy
  • agreement


  • desynchronize
  • blur
  • desynchronise
  • winterize

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How do you pronounce conspiracy?

Pronounce conspiracy as kənˈspɪrəsi.

US - How to pronounce conspiracy in American English

UK - How to pronounce conspiracy in British English

Sentences with conspiracy

1. Noun, singular or mass
The narrator is introduced to a paranoid ghost that expresses very strange claims about the afterlife being a conspiracy.

Quotes about conspiracy

1. In a room wherepeople unanimously maintaina conspiracy of silence,one word of truthsounds like a pistol shot.
- Czesław Miłosz

2. I don't think you should be an Auror, Harry,"said Luna unexpectedly. Everybody looked at her. "The Aurors are part of the Rotfang Conspiracy, I thought everyone knew that. They're working to bring down the Ministry of Magic from within using a mixture of dark magic and gum disease.
- J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

3. You know what i can't understand? You have all these people telling you all the time how great you are, smart and funny and talented and all that, i mean endlessly, i've been telling you for years. So why don't you believe it? why do you think people say that stuff, Em? Do you think it's a conspiracy, people secretly ganging up to be nice about you?
- David Nicholls, One Day

2. conspiracy

noun. ['kənˈspɪrəsi'] a plot to carry out some harmful or illegal act (especially a political plot).


  • Gunpowder Plot
  • cabal
  • plot
  • game


  • deglycerolize
  • pressurize
  • depressurise
  • pressurise

3. conspiracy

noun. ['kənˈspɪrəsi'] a group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose.


  • lot
  • machinator
  • conspirator
  • circle
  • band
  • coconspirator
  • confederacy
  • plotter


  • ascend
  • rise
  • moving
  • unsettled