1. damages

noun. ['ˈdæmədʒəz, ˈdæmɪdʒɪz'] a sum of money paid in compensation for loss or injury.


  • atonement
  • compensation
  • expiation
  • exemplary damages
  • general damages
  • smart money
  • relief
  • punitive damages
  • restitution
  • nominal damages
  • actual damages
  • redress
  • compensatory damages
  • satisfaction
  • indemnification
  • amends


  • increase
  • low relief
  • high relief
  • embarrassment

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Rhymes with Compensatory Damages

Sentences with compensatory-damages

1. Noun Phrase
What if the settlement amount is not enough to cover all of your liens, plus compensatory damages?

2. Noun Phrase
The EEOC also has the power to grant compensatory damages or back pay to the employee.

3. Noun Phrase
Punitive damages act as punishment and are typically awarded in addition to compensatory damages.

4. Noun Phrase
If violations are proven, the victims can recover three times the amount of compensatory damages suffered.