1. cloaked

adjective. ['ˈkloʊkt'] covered with or as if with clothes or a wrap or cloak.


  • draped
  • mantled
  • covered
  • clothed


  • inattentive
  • curtainless
  • unclothed
  • unadorned

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Rhymes with Cloaked

  • unprovoked
  • provoked
  • stroked
  • revoked
  • invoked
  • stoked
  • smoked
  • evoked
  • yoked
  • soaked
  • poked
  • joked
  • choked

Sentences with cloaked

1. Verb, past participle
The walls are cloaked in a saturated blue-green hue that certainly lives up to its name.

Quotes about cloaked

1. Isn't that someone we know?"asked Horace. He pointed to where a cloaked figure sat by the side of the road a few hundred meters away, arms wrapped around his knees. Close by him, a small shaggy horse cropped the grass growing at the edge of the drainage ditch that ran beside the road."So it is,"Halt replied. "And he seems to have brought Will with him.
- John Flanagan, Halt's Peril

2. When you trust your inner guidance and begin moving in the direction of your dreams (aligned with your individual gifts) you will be cloaked in an armor bestowed upon you by your guardian angel.
- Charles F. Glassman

2. cloaked

adjective. ['ˈkloʊkt'] having its true character concealed with the intent of misleading.


  • disguised
  • covert


  • unmarked
  • visible
  • unconcealed