1. cautionary

adjective. ['ˈkɔʃəˌnɛri'] serving to warn.


  • monitory
  • warning
  • admonitory
  • exemplary


  • encouraging
  • favorable
  • atypical
  • unworthy

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Rhymes with Cautionary

  • adversary
  • appleberry
  • arterberry
  • asbury
  • atterbury
  • auberry
  • banbury
  • beneficiary
  • bicentenary
  • blackberry
  • blueberry
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  • cardiopulmonary

Sentences with cautionary

1. Adjective
The person or animal that crosses the circuit in this way, receives a mild cautionary shock.

Quotes about cautionary

1. Uh-uh, dude. I tried it your way with the dating and the girls and the kissing and the drama, and man, I didn't like it. Plus, my best friend is a walking cautionary tale of what happens to you when romantic relationships don't involve marriage. Like you always say, kafir, everything ends in breakup, divorce, or death. I want to narrow my misery options to divorce or death - that's all.
- John Green, An Abundance of Katherines

2. cautionary

adjective. ['ˈkɔʃəˌnɛri'] warding off.


  • protective


  • unhealthful
  • permissive