1. calisthenics

noun. ['ˌkæləsˈθɛnɪks'] light exercises designed to promote general fitness.


  • exercising
  • callisthenics
  • workout
  • physical exercise
  • exercise


  • stand still
  • disagree

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Example sentences of the word calisthenics

1. Noun, plural
Unlike machines at a gym, there are a limited number of calisthenics for each muscle group.

Quotes containing the word calisthenics

1. There's a hell of a distance between wise-cracking and wit. Wit has truth in it; wise-cracking is simply calisthenics with words."[Interview, The Paris Review, Summer 1956]
- Dorothy Parker

2. calisthenics

noun. ['ˌkæləsˈθɛnɪks'] the practice of calisthenic exercises.


  • pattern
  • practice