1. brad

noun. ['ˈbræd'] a small nail.


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How do you pronounce brad?

Pronounce brad as bræd.

US - How to pronounce brad in American English

UK - How to pronounce brad in British English

Sentences with brad

1. Noun, singular or mass
A brad nail is the smallest of the nail family.

2. Adjective
Anywhere you find small trim, you'll find brad nails.

Quotes about brad

1. To douchebags!"he said, gesturing to Brad. "And to girls that break your heart,"he bowed his head to me. His eyes lost focus. "And to the absolute fucking horror of losing your best friend because you were stupid enough to fall in love with her.
- Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster

2. When you say gorgeous,” Jen started, “are we talking Brad Pitt boyish good looks, or Johnny Depp make ya want to slap somebody?” “No, we’re talking Brad and Johnny need to bow down and recognize” Jacque answered.
- Quinn Loftis, Prince of Wolves

2. brad

verb. ['ˈbræd'] fasten with brads.


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  • fasten


  • unpin
  • untie
  • unstaple