1. bowed

adjective. ['ˈbaʊd, ˈboʊd'] forming or resembling an arch.


  • arced
  • curving
  • arching
  • arched
  • curved
  • arciform


  • assertive
  • unservile
  • contour
  • untwisted

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Rhymes with Bowed

  • overflowed
  • explode
  • bestrode
  • plateaued
  • overrode
  • implode
  • forebode
  • busload
  • bestowed
  • unload
  • strode
  • reload
  • outmode
  • out-mode
  • methode
  • m-code
  • kanode
  • encode
  • decode
  • commode
  • c-code
  • stowed
  • snowed
  • slowed
  • shrode
  • grode
  • glowed
  • gloede
  • flowed
  • erode

Sentences with bowed

1. Verb, past participle
If the hammock spreaders are bowed be sure they both face the same direction.

2. Noun, singular or mass
Install a plywood deck section over the top of an open bowed boat.

3. Verb, past tense
Strings are usually plucked, but sometimes bowed depending on the music being played.

Quotes about bowed

1. To douchebags!"he said, gesturing to Brad. "And to girls that break your heart,"he bowed his head to me. His eyes lost focus. "And to the absolute fucking horror of losing your best friend because you were stupid enough to fall in love with her.
- Jamie McGuire, Beautiful Disaster

2. Help"is a prayer that is always answered. It doesn't matter how you pray--with your head bowed in silence, or crying out in grief, or dancing. Churches are good for prayer, but so are garages and cars and mountains and showers and dance floors. Years ago I wrote an essay that began, "Some people think that God is in the details, but I have come to believe that God is in the bathroom.
- Anne Lamott, Plan B: Further Thoughts on Faith

3. He sighed and bowed deeply. “Sundari. I was standing here thinking nothing could be more beautiful than this sunset tonight, but I was mistaken. You standing here in the setting sun with your hair and skin aglow is almost more than a man can…fully appreciate.
- Colleen Houck

2. bowed

adjective. ['ˈbaʊd, ˈboʊd'] showing an excessively deferential manner.


  • bowing


  • sound
  • healthy

3. bowed

adjective. ['ˈbaʊd, ˈboʊd'] of a stringed instrument; sounded by stroking with a bow.


  • well

4. bowed

adjective. ['ˈbaʊd, ˈboʊd'] have legs that curve outward at the knees.


  • bowleg
  • bowlegged
  • unfit
  • bandy-legged


  • qualify
  • disobedient
  • insubordinate
  • proud