1. weevil

noun. ['ˈwiːvəl'] any of several families of mostly small beetles that feed on plants and plant products; especially snout beetles and seed beetles.


  • seed beetle
  • Anthonomus grandis
  • seed weevil
  • snout beetle
  • beetle
  • Sitophylus oryzae
  • tenebrionid
  • rice weevil
  • black weevil
  • darkling beetle
  • boll weevil


  • intrusive


  • wevel (Middle English (1100-1500))

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Rhymes with Boll Weevil

  • retrieval
  • primeval
  • medieval
  • upheaval
  • edival
  • weavil
  • leavell
  • knievel
  • keevil

Sentences with boll-weevil

1. Noun Phrase
Efforts made to eradicate the boll weevil in the United States since the 1970s have been working.

2. Noun Phrase
The damage to cotton happens when the female boll weevil lays its eggs and the larvae begin feeding.

3. Noun Phrase
Many previously affected areas have almost no boll weevil population today due to the efforts to eliminate this pests.

4. Noun Phrase
The toxin eats into the gut of pests like the boll weevil and kills them.

2. boll

noun. ['ˈboʊl'] the rounded seed-bearing capsule of a cotton or flax plant.