1. bidding

noun. ['ˈbɪdɪŋ'] an authoritative direction or instruction to do something.


  • speech act
  • direction
  • countermand
  • behest
  • charge
  • bid
  • order
  • commandment
  • dictation
  • command
  • commission
  • open sesame


  • windward
  • linger
  • absolve
  • calm

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Words that Rhyme with Bidding

  • skidding
  • ridding
  • kidding

Example sentences of the word bidding

1. Noun, singular or mass
That person is the winner of the bidding.

Quotes containing the word bidding

1. Claim whatever you want. Say you only want a happy family or a successful career or a big house. I say: no, that's not what you want. You'll settle for those things, but you really want a monkey that does your evil bidding. Pullman is a genius just for this.
- Maureen Johnson, The World of the Golden Compass: The Otherworldly Ride Continues

2. Auction houses run a rigged game. They know exactly how many people will be bidding on a work and exactly who they are. In a gallery, works of art need only one person who wants to pay for them.
- Jerry Saltz

2. bidding

noun. ['ˈbɪdɪŋ'] (bridge) the number of tricks a bridge player is willing to contract to make.


  • preemptive bid
  • takeout
  • preempt
  • bid
  • contract
  • overbid
  • pre-empt
  • bridge
  • overcall
  • declaration


  • agreement
  • enfranchisement
  • leeward
  • outgoing

3. bidding

noun. ['ˈbɪdɪŋ'] a request to be present.


  • summons


  • discharge
  • unburden