1. cross-banded

adjective. (of snakes) having crossing bands on the back.


  • nag

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2. yellow-banded

adjective. having yellow bands.


  • nag

3. banded

adjective. ['ˈbændɪd'] characterized by a band of especially white around the body.


  • beltless

4. banded

adjective. ['ˈbændɪd'] marked with bands or strips of contrasting color or texture.


  • nag

5. krait

noun. brightly colored venomous but nonaggressive snake of southeastern Asia and Malay peninsula.


  • banded krait
  • elapid snake
  • banded adder
  • genus Bungarus
  • Bungarus
  • elapid


  • करैत (Hindi)

Sentences with banded-krait

1. Noun Phrase
The banded krait (Bungarus fasciatus) is one of the largest krait species and can reach 7 feet in length; the smaller many-banded krait (Bungarus multicinctus) averages 5 feet.

2. Noun Phrase
Other non-venomous snakes occasionally found in Bali’s rice fields include radiated rat snakes (Coelognathus radiates) and white-banded wolf snakes (Lycodon subcinctus), the latter of which closely resembles the dangerous banded krait.