1. artistry

noun. ['ˈɑːrtɪstri'] a superior skill that you can learn by study and practice and observation.


  • minstrelsy
  • aviation
  • taxidermy
  • prowess
  • ventriloquy
  • homiletics
  • enology
  • ventriloquism
  • art
  • falconry
  • superior skill
  • puppetry
  • oenology
  • horology
  • musicianship
  • airmanship
  • fortification
  • telescopy


  • inability


  • -ry (English)
  • artist (English)
  • artiste (French)

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Sentences with artistry

1. Noun, singular or mass
They are much more concerned with the content of the message than the artistry of the message.

Quotes about artistry

1. As a composer and as a musician I'm a true believer - and this is not to be overly diplomatic - I'm a believer that there's artistry in everything from a lawn gnome to a desk chair to a symphony to an Andy Warhol painting. There's art in absolutely everything.
- Darren Criss

2. I think I've lived a pretty hard life. What I mean by hard is that... I've been kind of reckless with things. I'm a passionate person. I'm a super passionate person. I think there's definitely been sorrow in my life, good and bad. I think it comes through. I hope it comes through in my writing because to me that's what artistry is.
- Kip Moore