1. apricot

noun. ['ˈeɪprəˌkɑːt'] Asian tree having clusters of usually white blossoms and edible fruit resembling the peach.


  • Prunus
  • apricot tree
  • mei
  • Prunus dasycarpa
  • Prunus mume
  • purple apricot
  • fruit tree
  • genus Prunus
  • Prunus armeniaca
  • Japanese apricot
  • black apricot

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How do you pronounce apricot?

Pronounce apricot as ˈeɪprəˌkɑt.

US - How to pronounce apricot in American English

UK - How to pronounce apricot in British English

Sentences with apricot

1. Noun, singular or mass
The tree blooms with small flowers in shades of bright yellow or apricot.

2. Noun, plural
A standard size apricot tree yields up to three to four bushels of fruit.

3. Adjective
Growing an apricot tree from seed isn't difficult but requires patience as it takes some time.

2. apricot

noun. ['ˈeɪprəˌkɑːt'] a shade of pink tinged with yellow.


  • pink
  • yellowish pink
  • salmon pink


  • man
  • achromatic color
  • achromatic

3. apricot

noun. ['ˈeɪprəˌkɑːt'] downy yellow to rosy-colored fruit resembling a small peach.


  • common apricot
  • edible fruit