1. appealing

adjective. ['əˈpiːlɪŋ'] able to attract interest or draw favorable attention.


  • attention-getting
  • attractive


  • easy
  • inconspicuous
  • displeasing

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Rhymes with Appealing

  • darjeeling
  • concealing
  • unfeeling
  • squealing
  • revealing
  • repealing
  • wheeling
  • stealing
  • frieling
  • freehling
  • annealing
  • teeling
  • sieling
  • seeling
  • sealing
  • reeling
  • peeling
  • mealing
  • kneeling
  • keeling
  • heling
  • heeling
  • healing
  • feeling
  • dealing
  • ceiling

Sentences with appealing

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
Starting a dye sublimation business is appealing because it does not require a large capital investment.

2. Adjective
Some logos are more appealing than others and better transmit the company's ideals.

3. Noun, singular or mass
Choose keywords associated with your target demographic and make your advertisement appealing.

Quotes about appealing

1. I certainly didn't say while writing 'Gossip Girl,' 'Oh this is going to be big!' It was really like, 'Oh god, everyone's gong to hate these people! They're so bratty!' But I actually think what is so appealing about them is the humor in them.
- Cecily von Ziegesar

2. Sites like Funny or Die and College Humor are great, but I'd say it's appealing to 80% men and 20% women.
- Zooey Deschanel

3. The comics that are just conversing with you up there and drawing on their own life, yeah, I guess so. I guess some do political humor, some do topical humor, but the ones that I like, the ones that are appealing to me, were guys who were just talking to you about their life.
- Ray Romano

2. appealing

adjective. ['əˈpiːlɪŋ'] (of characters in literature or drama) evoking empathic or sympathetic feelings.


  • sympathetic
  • likeable


  • unattractive
  • uninviting
  • unattractiveness