1. barometer

noun. ['bɝˈɑːmɪtɝ'] an instrument that measures atmospheric pressure.


  • measuring system
  • barograph
  • measuring instrument
  • measuring device
  • aneroid barometer
  • mercury barometer
  • weatherglass

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  • tensiometer
  • photometer

Sentences with aneroid-barometer

1. Noun Phrase
It is easy to test whether or not a mercury or aneroid barometer is working correctly.

2. Noun Phrase
Although mercury and aneroid barometers work on the same principles of expansion and contraction, they do so differently.

3. Noun Phrase
The aneroid barometer is superior in some ways to this.

4. Noun Phrase
An aneroid barometer has the added advantages of being smaller and lighter and easier to move safely.

2. aneroid

noun. a barometer that measures pressure without using fluids.


  • altimeter
  • barometer