1. agnostic

noun. ['ægˈnɑːstɪk'] someone who is doubtful or noncommittal about something.


  • someone
  • soul
  • person
  • individual
  • doubter
  • somebody


  • loser
  • unemotional person
  • worker
  • extrovert

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Rhymes with Agnostic

  • mostek
  • kostic
  • caustic
  • bostic

How do you pronounce agnostic?

Pronounce agnostic as ægˈnɑstɪk.

US - How to pronounce agnostic in American English

UK - How to pronounce agnostic in British English

Sentences with agnostic

1. Adjective
As much as a third of people younger than 30 are atheist, agnostic or claim no religious affiliation.

Quotes about agnostic

1. Mario, what do you get when you cross an insomniac, an unwilling agnostic and a dyslexic?""I give.""You get someone who stays up all night torturing himself mentally over the question of whether or not there's a dog.
- David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

2. I did not marry the first girl that I fell in love with, because there was a tremendous religious conflict, at the time. She was an atheist, and I was an agnostic.
- Woody Allen

3. I do not consider it an insult, but rather a compliment to be called an agnostic. I do not pretend to know where many ignorant men are sure — that is all that agnosticism means.
- Clarence Darrow

2. agnostic

noun. ['ægˈnɑːstɪk'] a person who claims that they cannot have true knowledge about the existence of God (but does not deny that God might exist).


  • male

3. agnostic

adjective. ['ægˈnɑːstɪk'] uncertain of all claims to knowledge.


  • unbelieving
  • nescient


  • stranger
  • introvert
  • withholder