Synonyms and Antonyms for self-starter

1. self-starter (n.)

an electric starting motor that automatically starts an internal-combustion engine

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2. self-starter (n.)

an energetic person with unusual initiative


3. starter (n.)

an electric motor for starting an engine

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4. starter (n.)

a hand tool consisting of a rotating shaft with parallel handle

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5. starter (n.)

food or drink to stimulate the appetite (usually served before a meal or as the first course)

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7. starter (n.)

the official who signals the beginning of a race or competition

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8. starter (n.)

a culture containing yeast or bacteria that is used to start the process of fermentation or souring in making butter or cheese or dough

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9. self (n.)

your consciousness of your own identity

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10. self (n.)

a person considered as a unique individual

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