1. pestis

noun. a serious (sometimes fatal) infection of rodents caused by Yersinia pestis and accidentally transmitted to humans by the bite of a flea that has bitten an infected animal.


  • plague pneumonia
  • septicemic plague
  • glandular plague
  • pest
  • pulmonic plague
  • pneumonic plague
  • plague
  • pestilence
  • pestis bubonica
  • epidemic disease

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Example sentences of the word yersinia-pestis

1. Noun Phrase
Bipolar staining largely features in bacterial infections, such as yersinia pestis.

2. Noun Phrase
Wayson, Wright or Giemsa stain may show up as a safety pin stained shape in the bacterium yersinia pestis, but may also appear as a plump rod or bacilli shape 1.

3. Noun Phrase
Burkholderia pseudomallei, a Gram-negative bacterium, is motile, aerobic and rod-shaped like yersinia pestis.