1. yelling

noun. ['ˈjɛlɪŋ'] uttering a loud inarticulate cry as of pain or excitement.


  • outcry
  • yell
  • cry
  • shout
  • shouting
  • call


  • laugh
  • discouragement
  • demobilize
  • cause to sleep

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Rhymes with Yelling

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  • misspelling
  • foretelling
  • expelling
  • dispelling
  • compelling
  • retelling
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Sentences with yelling

1. Verb, gerund or present participle
Your mind may go blank, making it hard to think when someone is yelling at you.

2. Noun, singular or mass
No amount of yelling and stomping your feet will get your dog to shut his yapper.

Quotes about yelling

1. Did you ever think that in a past life Alec was an old woman with ninety cats who was always yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off her lawn? Because I do,
- Cassandra Clare, City of Glass

2. I have lightning and wind powers,"Jason reminded him. "Piper can turn beautiful and charm people into giving her BMWs. You're no more a freak than we are. And, hey, maybe you can fly, too. Like jump off a building and yell 'Flame on!'"Leo snorted. "If I did that, you would see a flaming kid falling to his death, and I would be yelling something a little stronger than 'Flame on!
- Rick Riordan, The Lost Hero

3. There will be no yelling at people who are bleeding themselves to unconsciousness.
- Kristin Cashore, Fire