1. yea

adverb. ['ˈjeɪ'] not only so, but.


  • no

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How do you pronounce yea?

Pronounce yea as jeɪ.

US - How to pronounce yea in American English

UK - How to pronounce yea in British English

2. yea

noun. ['ˈjeɪ'] an affirmative.


  • negative

Sentences with yea

1. Interjection
Committees may choose to record how everyone on the committee voted (yea, nay, abstain), the number without individual decisions (passed 5 to 3), or just the result (passed).

2. Adverb
This is the Pacific Northwest we're talking about here, home to the largest temperate rain forest on earth, so yea, there's going to be some rain.

3. Noun, singular or mass
The lack of a yea or nay from an authority like the TCNA leaves you pretty much on your own if your plans for a marble fireplace makeover include tiling.