1. wrinkled

adjective. ['ˈrɪŋkəld'] marked by wrinkles.


  • wrinkly
  • furrowed
  • rugged


  • unfurrowed
  • fine
  • slippery
  • compound

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Words that Rhyme with Wrinkled

  • sprinkled
  • twinkled
  • tinkled

Example sentences of the word wrinkled

1. Verb, past tense
Haas avocados are small, greenish-black, wrinkled fruits descended from the Guatemalan race of avocado trees.

2. Verb, past participle
That fabulous frock or your favorite dress shirt is too wrinkled to leave you looking proper and polished.

3. Adjective
Mist a small wrinkled section of it with water.

Quotes containing the word wrinkled

1. He had a bleeding cut on his leg and he smelled like shit.Her nose wrinkled. "Step in something?"she asked innocently."That I did not mind."He took a menacing step toward her. "What I did mind was being hit by a cab, then landing on the lap of a naked man. With an erection, Anya. He had an erection.
- Gena Showalter, The Darkest Kiss

2. You know how this is:if I lookat the crystal moon, at the red branchof the slow autumn at my window,if I touchnear the firethe impalpable ashor the wrinkled body of the log,everything carries me to you,as if everything that exists,aromas, light, metals,were little boatsthat sailtoward those isles of yours that wait for me.
- Pablo Neruda, The Captain's Verses

3. They say that somewhere in Africa the elephants have a secret grave where they go to lie down, unburden their wrinkled gray bodies, and soar away, light spirits at the end.
- Robert McCammon, Boy's Life

2. wrinkled

adjective. ['ˈrɪŋkəld'] (of linens or clothes) not ironed.


  • permanent-press
  • rough
  • unironed
  • unpressed
  • drip-dry
  • roughdried


  • smooth
  • polished
  • regular
  • even