1. wrasse

noun. chiefly tropical marine fishes with fleshy lips and powerful teeth; usually brightly colored.


  • giant pigfish
  • Lachnolaimus maximus
  • Tautoga onitis
  • cunner
  • pigfish
  • bergall
  • puddingwife
  • razor-fish
  • razor fish
  • Halicoeres bivittatus
  • Halicoeres radiatus
  • percoid fish
  • Thalassoma bifasciatum
  • Achoerodus gouldii
  • slippery dick
  • hog snapper
  • bluehead
  • percoid
  • Tautogolabrus adspersus
  • pudding-wife
  • hogfish
  • blackfish
  • tautog

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Example sentences of the word wrasse

1. Noun, singular or mass
However, you will find a wide range of fish as well as many sea turtles, which come to the area for the wrasse cleaner fish that eat the algae growing on their shells.

2. Adjective
While scuba diving you will likely see numerous sea turtles, puffer fish, wrasse and maybe even some eels or a reef shark.