1. Volta

noun. Italian physicist after whom the volt is named; studied electric currents and invented the voltaic pile (1745-1827).


  • Count Alessandro Volta
  • Conte Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta

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Rhymes with Volta

  • minolta
  • folta

Sentences with volta

1. Noun, singular or mass
According to Sonnet Central, the volta may be the single most important feature of the sonnet.

2. Adjective
Then, a turn or "volta" in the poem offers a resolution in the last six lines.

Quotes about volta

1. For me my friendship with Omar Rodriguez from Mars Volta that friendship really means a lot to me because he's another creative person who works as hard as I do.
- John Frusciante

2. Volta

noun. a river in Ghana that flows south to the Bight of Benin.


  • Republic of Ghana
  • Ghana