1. vile

adjective. ['ˈvaɪl'] morally reprehensible.


  • wretched
  • evil
  • despicable
  • slimy
  • unworthy
  • ugly


  • inoffensive
  • untroubled
  • well
  • palatable


  • vilis (Latin)

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Rhymes with Vile

  • versatile
  • worthwhile
  • vantuyl
  • restyle
  • panfile
  • monteil
  • marseille
  • kurzweil
  • hostile
  • compile
  • soleil
  • refile
  • mikhail
  • fertile
  • delisle
  • beguile
  • argyll
  • while
  • trial
  • style
  • stile
  • smile
  • awhile
  • zile
  • wyle
  • wile
  • weill
  • weil
  • tile
  • theile

How do you pronounce vile?

Pronounce vile as vaɪl.

US - How to pronounce vile in American English

UK - How to pronounce vile in British English

Sentences with vile

1. Noun, singular or mass
People have probably been falsely accusing each other of vile and awful deeds for centuries.

2. Adjective
Frozen drain pipes can cause your sink to back up, leaving you to deal with vile gray water.

Quotes about vile

1. Follow me, reader! Who told you that there is no true, faithful, eternal love in this world! May the liar's vile tongue be cut out! Follow me, my reader, and me alone, and I will show you such a love!
- Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

2. Who has not, a hundred times, found himself committing a vile or silly action for no other reason than because he knows he should not? Have we not a perpetual inclination, in the teeth of our best judgement, to violate that which is Law, merely because we understand it to be such?
- Edgar Allan Poe, The Black Cat

3. Yusufu alikuwa hohehahe kabla na baada ya kuuzwa na nduguze kama mtumwa nchini Misri. Hakuwa na pesa, hakuwa na elimu, hakujuana na viongozi wa serikali. Lakini kwa vile alikuwa na Mungu, Mungu alimbariki mpaka watu wote wakashangaa. Yusufu alikuwa maskini ili mimi na wewe tuwe na tumaini leo, kwamba tukiwa na Mungu katika maisha yetu hatutatafuta utajiri. Utajiri ndiyo utakaotutafuta sisi.
- Enock Maregesi

2. vile

adjective. ['ˈvaɪl'] causing or able to cause nausea.


  • queasy
  • nauseous
  • sickening
  • offensive
  • unwholesome
  • noisome
  • nauseating


  • pleasant
  • lovable
  • defensive
  • unaggressive


  • vilis (Latin)