1. viewers

noun. ['vˈjuːɝz'] the audience reached by television.


  • viewing audience
  • audience

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Rhymes with Viewers

  • wrongdoers
  • reviewer's
  • skewers
  • pursuers
  • viewer's
  • heuer's
  • fluor's
  • brewers'
  • brewers
  • brewer's
  • sewers
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  • doers
  • dewar's
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Sentences with viewers

1. Noun, plural
Be sure to cover up the sides of the phone so viewers can’t see the controls.

Quotes about viewers

1. Whether it's viewers of the show or readers of my columns and books, I'm consistently impressed with their wit, humor and insight. That goes for about 95 percent of the audience. The other five percent are why the 'Delete' option and restraining orders were invented.
- Richard Roeper

2. Life goes on, and I'm moving on to the next thing, but I hope the soaps that are still running will thrive. They have millions of loyal viewers.
- Susan Lucci

3. I think 'Heroes of Cosplay' will show a lot of the positive things, like how much effort it takes to make a costume. These people on the show aren't taking shortcuts. As long as that effort gets through to the viewers, we will be inspirational. Then there will be people who watch the show that want to get in and hands-on make outfits.
- Yaya Han