1. valiantly

adverb. ['ˈvæljəntli'] with valor; in a valiant manner.

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Rhymes with Valiantly

  • abruptly
  • absolutely
  • abundantly
  • accidently
  • accurately
  • acutely
  • adamantly
  • adequately
  • adequately
  • adroitly
  • affectionately
  • alertly
  • alternately
  • apparently
  • appropriately
  • approximately
  • aptly
  • ardently
  • arrogantly
  • astutely

How do you pronounce valiantly?

Pronounce valiantly as ˈvæljəntli.

US - How to pronounce valiantly in American English

UK - How to pronounce valiantly in British English

Sentences with valiantly

1. Adverb
He is presented as having fought valiantly for the king and being a loyal subject.

Quotes about valiantly

1. He felt his heart pounding fiercely in his chest. How strange that in his dread of death, it pumped all the harder, valiantly keeping him alive. But it would have to stop, and soon. Its beats were numbered. How many would there be time for, as he rose and walked through the castle for the last time, out into the grounds and into the forest?
- J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows