1. upstairs

adverb. ['əpˈstɛrz'] on a floor above.


  • up the stairs


  • bad luck
  • misfortune

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Rhymes with Upstairs

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  • euromobiliare's
  • questionnaires
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  • millionaire's
  • frontieres
  • billionaires
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  • bancshares'
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Sentences with upstairs

1. Noun, singular or mass
Moving a refrigerator upstairs should be done by two people who can handle the large, awkward load.

2. Noun, plural
Since then, many women have been "attacked" by a spirit lurking upstairs.

3. Adjective
A third bedroom is upstairs.

Quotes about upstairs

1. On the morning of Thanksgiving, I would wake up to the home smelling of all good things, wafting upstairs to my room. I would set the table with the fancy silverware and china and hope that my parents and grandmother wouldn't have the annual Thanksgiving fight about Richard Nixon.
- Debi Mazar

2. Got that gun?” Peter says to Tobias. “No,” says Tobias, “I figured I would shoot the bullets out of my nostrils, so I left it upstairs.
- Veronica Roth, Insurgent

3. The secret to a happy marriage is if you can be at peace with someone within four walls, if you are content because the one you love is near to you, either upstairs or downstairs, or in the same room, and you feel that warmth that you don't find very often, then that is what love is all about.
- Bruce Forsyth

2. upstairs

adjective. ['əpˈstɛrz'] on or of upper floors of a building.


  • good fortune

3. upstairs

noun. ['əpˈstɛrz'] the part of a building above the ground floor.


  • edifice
  • part
  • building


  • success
  • outside
  • inside
  • middle