1. upriver

adverb. ['ˌəˈprɪvɝ'] toward the source or against the current.


  • downriver


  • river (English)
  • rivere (Anglo-Norman)
  • up- (English)

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Rhymes with Upriver

  • downriver
  • mcivor
  • mciver
  • deliver
  • sliver
  • quiver
  • shiver
  • liver
  • giver
  • ivar

Sentences with upriver

1. Noun, singular or mass
Salmon are awe-inspiring fish that swim the oceans before traveling upriver to spawn.

2. Adverb
The young fish are swept out to sea and then return swimming upriver where they mature.

3. Adjective
Sockeye get their nickname from the brilliant red color they become when they return upriver to spawn.