1. uplifted

adjective. ['ˈʌplɪftɪd'] exalted emotionally especially with pride.


  • dysphoric

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Rhymes with Uplifted

  • aborted
  • accepted
  • affected
  • delighted
  • disappointed
  • exaggerated
  • indebted
  • interested
  • interested
  • isolated
  • limited
  • low-spirited
  • poor-spirited
  • related
  • related
  • simulated
  • sophisticated
  • unabated
  • unaccounted
  • unaccredited

Sentences with uplifted

1. Adjective
Position the angle of the trowel so the uplifted edge points away from the direction in which you're moving it and switch the angle when reversing the direction.

2. Verb, past participle
Your abdominal muscles and the adductors of your inner thighs control the descent; your core muscles hold your torso uplifted in a straight line.

3. Verb, past tense
As the Tethys Ocean closed, movement of the Arabian and African tectonic plates uplifted the Troodos Terrane, or fragment of continental crust, in part because its volcanic serpentine rock was lighter than thicker continental crusts.