1. upholster

verb. ['əˈpoʊlstɝ'] provide furniture with padding, springs, webbing, and covers.


  • provide
  • render
  • furnish


  • take
  • inactivity
  • block
  • recall

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Rhymes with Upholster

  • toalster
  • polster
  • pollster
  • bolster

Sentences with upholster

1. Preposition or subordinating conjunction
For example, first upholster the back, then the arms and finally the cushions.

2. Verb, base form
If you can't remove the back, you can upholster it as it is.

3. Adjective
Learning to upholster online is becoming a popular way to save money and train from home.

4. Verb, non-3rd person singular present
Both materials upholster tightly onto the frame of the sofa.

Quotes about upholster

1. I want to upholster the inside lining of my nostrils with leather, to have that "new car smell"all the time.
- Jarod Kintz, I Want