1. unyielding

adjective. ['ənˈjiːldɪŋ'] resistant to physical force or pressure.


  • sporadic

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Rhymes with Unyielding

  • unwielding
  • wielding
  • shielding
  • fielding

Sentences with unyielding

1. Adjective
Avoid dealerships that have bad reputations and are known to be too aggressive or unyielding bargainers.

Quotes about unyielding

1. I wrapped the unyielding woman I loved in my arms & kissed her slowly, hoping that some part of her would sense my absolute devotion."#Ren
- Colleen Houck, Tiger's Curse

2. How could I remain unyielding? His words penetrated the flimsy barriers I’d set up around my heart. I’d meant to set up a barbed wire fence, but the barbs ended up being covered with marshmallows. He slipped through my defenses easily. He touched his forehead to my hand, and my marshmallow heart melted.
- Colleen Houck

3. There were times Ruma felt closer to her mother in death than she had in life, an intimacy born simply of thinking of her so often, of missing her. But she knew that this was an illusion, a mirage, and that the distance between them was now infinite, unyielding.
- Jhumpa Lahiri, Unaccustomed Earth

2. unyielding

adjective. ['ənˈjiːldɪŋ'] stubbornly unyielding.


  • obstinate
  • dour
  • unregenerate
  • pertinacious
  • tenacious
  • stubborn
  • dogged


  • forgettable
  • caducous
  • tractable
  • compromising