1. untapped

adjective. ['ənˈtæpt'] not drawn upon or used.


  • undeveloped


  • developed
  • put-upon

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Rhymes with Untapped

  • entrapped
  • unwrapped
  • strapped
  • scrapped
  • recapped
  • trapped
  • snapped
  • slapped
  • flapped
  • clapped
  • adapt
  • zapped
  • wrapped
  • sapped
  • rapt
  • rapped
  • napped
  • mapped
  • lapped
  • kept
  • capped
  • apt

Sentences with untapped

1. Adjective
Turn the head box upside down so the untapped side is up.

Quotes about untapped

1. Since we launched the original 'Pop Idol' in England, I've remained close with Simon Fuller. Working as executive producer on 'American idol' for its first seven years not only was an inspirational journey into the heart of American pop culture, it opened my eyes to the untapped potential of the incredibly dynamic young people in this world.
- Nigel Lythgoe