1. unstoppable

adjective. ['ənˈstɑːpəbəl'] not capable of being stopped.


  • conquerable

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Example sentences of the word unstoppable

1. Adjective
A team of people relying on one another in a focused, positive way is often unstoppable.

Quotes containing the word unstoppable

1. Death is unstoppable. One must face it as a fact of life
- D. Aswini, Saffron - The Blood Swan

2. Women intrinsically understand human dynamics, and that makes them unstoppable. Unfortunately, the average man is less adroit at fostering such rivalries, which is why most men remain average; males are better at hating things that can't hate them back (e.g., lawnmowers, cats, the Denver Broncos, et cetera). They don't see the big picture.
- Chuck Klosterman, Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas

3. If it weren’t for physics and law enforcement, I’d be unstoppable.
- Darynda Jones, Fifth Grave Past the Light